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  • NOTE: We have now proved that the author of the “Junius Letters” was Thomas Paine.


Reading these books will cause you to lose your intellectual virginity.

Warning: Reading these books may cause you to lose your "intellectual virginity."

We have now proved that Thomas Paine was the author of the “Junius Letters.” Click here to see the proof for yourself.


Del Mar, Alexander


History of Monetary Systems




Charles H. Kerr & Company
















The full title of this works is "History of Monetary Systems: Record of Actual Experiments in Money made by Various States of the Ancient and Modern World, as drawn from their Statutes, Customs, Treatises, Mining Regulations, Jurisprudence, History, Archaeology, Coins, Nummmary Systems, and other Sources of Information."

Quoted from the author's "Preface."

"THE author concluded a former work on Money in these words:— "That which has engaged the attention without harmonizing the convictions of such master minds as Aristotle, Plato, Tycho Brahe, Copernicus, Locke, Newton, Smith, Bastiat, and Mill, is surely a study which none can afford to approach with rashness, nor to leave with complacency. Money is perhaps the mightiest engine to which man can lend an intelligent guidance. Unheard, unfelt, unseen, it has the power to so distribute the burdens, gratifications, and opportunities of life that each individual shall enjoy that share of them to which his merits or good fortune may fairly entitle him, or, contrariwise, to dispense them with so partial a hand as to violate every principle of justice, and perpetuate a succession of social slaveries to the end. of time." I begin the present work in the same spirit with which I closed the former one, that is to say, without bias concerning any system of money, and only anxious to examine and profit by the experience of the past."

"The scope of the work includes a recension of my  former chapters on Rome, a continuation of the Roman history from the monetary system of Augustus to the downfall of the Empire, and an examination of the Merovingian and Carlovingian systems, the Moslem systems, the systems of Britain from the earliest times to the reign of Edward III., and the systems of Saxony, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany, and the Argentine Republic."

"As the monetary conflicts of to-day turn mostly upon questions concerning the relative value of gold and silver, the origin, nature, tendency, and influences of this Ratio and its amenability to legal control, I have taken especial pains to trace its historical development in all ages of which any coinage or other numismatic remains exist. In carrying out this design a mass of information has been brought together which can scarcely fail to be of service in future monetary discussions."


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