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Really rare and Out of Print Books for Sale

  • All of these books are originals; the dates and publishers can be found by clicking on the author or title links.
  • This will also provide you with the complete bibliographical details of publication, as well other information relevant to the publication of each volume.
  • Some  of these books have been scanned and OCR’d (put through an Optical Character Recognition program); therefore they are searchable; that is each word in the text has been indexed.
  • The books are in PDF format and can be read by any computer that has Adobe PDF reader, which almost every computer has installed,  and it can be read with the latest versions of Amazon’s Kindle and other book reading software and hardware.
  • I recently saw a student reading Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary on his cell phone.
  • Each book, or set of books, has been individually priced and can be purchased over the phone using VISA, MASTERCARD, or other means.
  • We do accept checks and will ship the the CD, or DVD, once the payment has been processed.
  • Text us, or phone us, at 660-221-1170 and we can make the appropriate arrangements to meet your needs.
  • NOTE: We have now proved that the author of the “Junius Letters” was Thomas Paine.


Reading these books will cause you to lose your intellectual virginity.

Warning: Reading these books may cause you to lose your "intellectual virginity."

We have now proved that Thomas Paine was the author of the “Junius Letters.” Click here to see the proof for yourself.


McCabe, Joseph


The Origin and Meaning of Ideas




E. Haldeman-Julius




Girard, KS












The full title of this work is as follows: "The Origin and Meaning of Ideas: A Study of the Historical Sources of our Major Ideas in Religion, Science, Government, Education, Morals, Economics, etc., Their Influences for Good or Bad, and the Future Possibilities of our Thinking." Quoited from the author's "Foreword."

"If we set aside the great majority of the race, who do not allow this disease of thinking to blunt their robust appetites for food, drink and pleasure; we may for the moment divide the thoughtful minority into those who have a religious creed and those who have not. Our religious neighbors would be outraged if you suggested that they do not see the road ahead. For them the ancient sign is as plain as the gallows; e gallows to the right for heaven, to the left for hell. The mental fog is, they say, entirely in the world of the creedless majority.  And we creedless folk, who ought to know best, regard the above description of us as an iridescent soap-bubble from the pipe of a schoolboy or the flatulent eructation of a dyspeptic spenster. We recognize — indeed, we know better than they do — that there are large and important obscurities in the scheme of things: areas of Nature that science has not yet cleared up and may not clear up for a century or two. But these "mysteries" have no bearing upon the practical business of living. It is absurd to say that because we do not yet understand the operation of the thinking region of the cortex or the nature of the fundamental stuff of the universe, we are, in Tennyson's words:

Children crying in the night
Children crying in the night.

Poets may like to say these things, but a social writer who cannot distinguish between failure to see the road ahead and failure to advance along it because powerful minorities hold us back ought to burn his fountain pen and take to peddling insurance or pulp magazines."

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