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Really rare and Out of Print Books for Sale

  • All of these books are originals; the dates and publishers can be found by clicking on the author or title links.
  • This will also provide you with the complete bibliographical details of publication, as well other information relevant to the publication of each volume.
  • Some  of these books have been scanned and OCR’d (put through an Optical Character Recognition program); therefore they are searchable; that is each word in the text has been indexed.
  • The books are in PDF format and can be read by any computer that has Adobe PDF reader, which almost every computer has installed,  and it can be read with the latest versions of Amazon’s Kindle and other book reading software and hardware.
  • I recently saw a student reading Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary on his cell phone.
  • Each book, or set of books, has been individually priced and can be purchased over the phone using VISA, MASTERCARD, or other means.
  • We do accept checks and will ship the the CD, or DVD, once the payment has been processed.
  • Text us, or phone us, at 660-221-1170 and we can make the appropriate arrangements to meet your needs.
  • NOTE: We have now proved that the author of the “Junius Letters” was Thomas Paine.


Reading these books will cause you to lose your intellectual virginity.

Warning: Reading these books may cause you to lose your "intellectual virginity."

We have now proved that Thomas Paine was the author of the “Junius Letters.” Click here to see the proof for yourself.


McCabe, Joseph


Real and Unreal Moral Law




Haldeman-Julius Publications




Girard, KS












Quoted from Chapter 1, p. 19.

"The Christian ethic is not unique but is a synthesis of moral ideas of the time. It is not superior to other ethical systems of the period but in most important respects, both as regards its foundation and the details, it is much inferior to contemporary codes. It did not work as some say. In the 2nd Century the Church itself became corrupt: in the 4th Century,
when it became wealthy, it sank deeper into corruption. From about the year 600 to the year 1500, when the Church was at the height of its power, Christendom, Greek and Latin, was more conspicuous for sexual license and cruelty, the two vices which the code most stringently forbade, than any ancient civilization had been during an equal length of time. But that is another story."

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