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  • The books are in PDF format and can be read by any computer that has Adobe PDF reader, which almost every computer has installed,  and it can be read with the latest versions of Amazon’s Kindle and other book reading software and hardware.
  • I recently saw a student reading Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary on his cell phone.
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  • NOTE: We have now proved that the author of the “Junius Letters” was Thomas Paine.


Reading these books will cause you to lose your intellectual virginity.

Warning: Reading these books may cause you to lose your "intellectual virginity."

We have now proved that Thomas Paine was the author of the “Junius Letters.” Click here to see the proof for yourself.


McCabe, Joseph


A History of the Popes




Watts and Company










1st edition






Quoted from the author's "Preface."

"HISTORY will pass a severe verdict upon this generation of ours. At a time when science and a more humane sentiment have given the race a vision of a nobler order of life we have reverted to the brutalities of the Middle Ages, and we seem to contemplate with almost callous indifference a growing acreage of misery. In his analysis of this situation the historian of the future will reflect with particular disdain upon the moral apostasy of two of our oldest and most pretentious religions. For even in some of its foulest excesses this debasement of our public life is encouraged by the Buddhist and the Roman Catholic clergy. Some bold apologist may plead in extenuation of the guilt of the Buddhist priests and monks who have prostituted their influence in Japan that they were themselves infected by the inflammatory patriotism with which statesmen once more, as they did in an age of ignorance, prepare their people for criminal aggression.For the Roman hierarchy there is not even this pretext of an excuse."

"In a cold and calculated estimate of its own interests it directs its bishops and priests in the Far East to applaud the aggressive greed and the savage methods of the Japanese. It blesses the butchery in Spain, just as, a few years ago, it blessed the rape of Abyssinia. It
sanctions the annexation of Austria, with its ensuing train of crime and misery; it entreats the German authorities to permit it to co-operate in extending the barbarities of the new warfare to Russia; it urges the United States to perpetrate them upon the people of Mexico; and it regards with complacency the growth of murderous conspiracy in France and the torture of
prisoners and suspects in Poland, Austria, Italy, and South America."

"Students of genuine history, not of that emasculated and deceptive stuff which is now taught in our schools and colleges, smiled. They know that the same policy has been pursued by the Popes ever since Europe was sufficiently awake, after the long night of the Dark Age,
to examine their forged credentials. Three centuries earlier it had been a crusade against Protestantism, and this had culminated in the horrors of the Thirty Years' War in Germany, the persecution and massacres of the Huguenots in France, and the sordid ferocity of the Spanish Inquisition. Four centuries earlier than this, when the mind of Europe had shaken off its drowsiness, the Papal reaction to the revolt which spread everywhere had issued in the awful massacres of the Albigensians and the Cathari — later of the Lollards and the Hussites — and the establishment of the Inquisition in every land. From the twelfth century to the twentieth the history of the Papacy is red with the blood of its rebels."

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