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Really rare and Out of Print Books for Sale

  • All of these books are originals; the dates and publishers can be found by clicking on the author or title links.
  • This will also provide you with the complete bibliographical details of publication, as well other information relevant to the publication of each volume.
  • Some  of these books have been scanned and OCR’d (put through an Optical Character Recognition program); therefore they are searchable; that is each word in the text has been indexed.
  • The books are in PDF format and can be read by any computer that has Adobe PDF reader, which almost every computer has installed,  and it can be read with the latest versions of Amazon’s Kindle and other book reading software and hardware.
  • I recently saw a student reading Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary on his cell phone.
  • Each book, or set of books, has been individually priced and can be purchased over the phone using VISA, MASTERCARD, or other means.
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  • NOTE: We have now proved that the author of the “Junius Letters” was Thomas Paine.


Reading these books will cause you to lose your intellectual virginity.

Warning: Reading these books may cause you to lose your "intellectual virginity."

We have now proved that Thomas Paine was the author of the “Junius Letters.” Click here to see the proof for yourself.


McCabe, Joseph


Can We Change Human Nature? LBB 1559




Haldeman-Julius Publications




Girard, KS












McCabe's answer to this question is an optimistic "Yes!" But we must argue the opposite. Today, March 21, 2016, we (in the USA) are almost 20 trillion dollars in debt and we have at least another 100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilitities. Other western democracies are equally as bad off. Today, there is an openly avowed socialist running for the presidency of the United States and we have traded the slavery of the black man and woman for the slavery of all tax payers. I must pause to define slavery less I be misunderstood.

All cases of someone other than yourself --- and without your voluntary consent --- deciding on the allocation of some, or all, of the fruits of your labor are cases of slavery. All social welfare programs are cases of someone, other than yourself and without your voluntary consent, deciding on the allocation of some of the fruits of your labor. Therefore social welfare programs are cases of slavery.

McCabe has forgotten the admonition of Voltaire. Here I paraphrase: "Not one philosopher has influenced the manner of the very street he lived in. What is the reason? Because men are led by custom not metaphysics."

Will Durant writes that "Civilization is the precarious labor and luxury of a minority; the basic masses of mankind hardly change from millennium to millennium." And, he continues : "A nation is born stoic, and dies epicurean. At its cradle (to repeat a thoughtful adage) religion stands, and philosophy accompanies it to the grave."

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